You’re established in your career, your children are grown up and are (or at least should be) becoming financially independent, your mortgage is paid or close to paid off and you are living comfortably. You have no intention of retiring just yet, though you can start to see it on the horizon, and feel some urgency around getting your financial affairs in order. 


Can you hear that? It’s the phone. Don’t answer it. Your 20 year old has a load of washing he wants to bring round.

So, the kids have moved out, maybe it’s time to move into that dream home, or even buy that investment property. Whether big changes are afoot, or you’re simply looking to create a better work/life balance, your Financial Planner can help you realise financial independence​.

It’s time to work towards maximising your super and investments, and minimise any debt you may have. It’s about becoming financially wise ahead of retirement, and your planner can give you the information and confidence to help you make smart decisions to realise your dream lifestyle.

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