Lending & Finance Process

Finding the right lender for you is an important process, it’s not only finding the best interest rate and lowest fees but the lender that will provide the best service or maybe an offset account for a future investment property, maybe you need approval in a short time-frame or like the idea of refinancing with cashback. We take the time to consider your objectives and goals so we can find the right lender to meet your needs.

Our Process

  • Step 1

Initial discussion about your lending requirements and objectives.

  • Step 2

Email outlining documents required and a Questionnaire to better understand your objectives, risk profile and goals.

  • Step 3

Assessment of suitable lending options, taking into account your requirements. This will include lenders risk appetite (credit policy), assessment time-frames, interest rate, fees, reputation, service delivery, digital platforms and additional product offerings.

  • Step 4

Provide a lender recommendation.

  • Step 5

Lender is chosen, application prepared for execution, Identity completed if not already. Order an up-front valuation if possible.

  • Step 6

Submission to lender.

  • Step 7


  • Step 8

Loan & Mortgage documents issued – We can organise a time to review the contracts.

  • Step 9

Prepare for settlement – Ensure offset accounts, credit cards, internet banking access is established prior to settlement.

  • Step 10

Loan settles – You’re in your new home, have purchased your investment property or refinanced to a better product. Congratulations!

Typical documents you will require for a loan application

  • Most recent payslips x2
  • 3 months bank statements for every bank account, credit card, lending facility in your name/s *
  • 6 months home loan statements for a refinance
  • Drivers licence and passport OR Drivers licence, medicare card & birth certificate
  • Questionnaire – This captures your risk profile, lender preference, living expenses, asset/liability position and more


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