Our Guided Business Services

Our services often start with the accounting process, and we specialise in assisting family owned, small to medium businesses – just like our ownWe have assisted many clients commence their business from scratch or buy their first business. We also assist clients who have been in business for decades.  


We have developed a clear road map for wherever a business owner is on their journey, which has been honed through thousands of interactions with business owners 


We sell outcomes, not time, and we do not charge hourly rates. We believe that the oldfashioned time based model rewards inefficiency and discourages proactive communication. All our services are quoted upfront and in advance, and ongoing services are charged on an ongoing subscription based model. 


Our services include a mix of traditional accounting, which focuses on recording what has happened and meeting your obligations, and modern advisory which is aimed at shaping the future.


Advisory, in our view, is not about fancy dashboards, pretty graphs or installing apps. It’s about homing in on what is important and what makes the biggest difference. It’s also about being there for people when they need you, giving them advice and opinions (not sitting on the fence), telling them what they need to know, not just what they want to hear.

Get Your Business Structure Right

  • Review what you currently have in place
  • Determine the most appropriate structure for you
  • Advise on the steps and costs to implement/update
  • Prepare and execute all relevant documentation
  • Prepare all relevant tax registrations
  • Lodge all relevant documents with government authorities
  • Hand over your new structure ready to walk into a bank, open an account and start trading
Pricing:Once off and case by case

Get the System Right

  • If you are not using Xero accounting software, you should be!
  • We will determine the right subscription level for your business
  • Import our standard chart of accounts
  • Setup bank feed and subscription
  • Setup payroll including employee entitlements
  • Give you a 'crash course' on how to use the software
  • Import data from your old system
  • Provide ongoing support
Pricing:Once off and based on fixed schedule

Manage Taxation & Accounting

  • Determine all accounting and tax requirements for the upcoming 12 months
  • Seek clarity on who will be doing what each month/quarter
  • Provide a clear and fixed price quote based on specific variables
  • Monthly instalments by direct debit from bank or credit card
  • Updated each July, quoted 12 months in advance
  • A continuous flow rather than a series of one off tasks
  • Our aim is to make this run like clockwork
Pricing:Set monthly fee based on specific attributes

Business Analysis & Improvement

  • Detailed questionnaire covering all major aspects of your business
  • Identify key areas which need attention
  • Suggest appropriate projects to assist with each area identified
  • Prioritise projects and scope scale and cost
  • Deliver projects and outcomes
  • Repeat the process every six months
Pricing:Proportional uplift in monthly accounting

Remove Specific Pain Points

  • Every business has its specific pain points
  • There is an abundance of smart tools out there to help, though it’s hard to know where to start;
  • We can analyse your pain points and either recommend, recommend and implement, or recommend, implement and maintain solutions.
Pricing:Once off and case by case

Review new opportunities

  • Firstly, asking for the right information
  • Challenging assumptions and any ambiguity
  • Providing a financial analysis based on facts
  • Focusing on what has occurred to date, not what might occur
  • Making some assessment of real value versus asking price
  • Presenting our findings in a clear and professional manner
  • Liaising with other professionals, should you wish to proceed
  • Assisting with funding any final purchase
Pricing:Once off and case by case

Get the Funding Right

  • Providing a clear idea of your borrowing power and/or a time frame to a desired acquisition
  • Assisting you to purchase a commercial premises for your business to operate within
  • Purchase new, upgrade or replace vehicles and equipment
  • Access additional working capital
  • Purchase a new business
Pricing:Once off and case by case

Use Trusted Partners

  • We’re good at what we do, though we can’t do everything. When the need arises, we will happily recommend you to someone we know, and trust
  • We sometimes refer to other accounting professionals for very specific accounting based services in specialist areas such as valuations, insolvency, research and development (R&D) grants
  • We regularly refer to legal professionals for contracts, wills, leases disputes etc
  • We enjoy referring to professional service providers such as insurance specialists, IT professionals, marketing and office logistics, many of whom are our clients and who we use ourselves
Pricing:Between you and the provider.

Manage Wealth Generated by Your Business

  • Allocating business profits in a smart way to build wealth
  • Help to build passive income to complement your ‘hard work’ income
  • Define what is important to you and your family - use this criteria to set financial goals
  • Help to plan your retirement and eventual business divestment and/or succession
  • Improve the quality of your current life and your life in retirement
  • Protect your greatest single asset - yourself
Pricing:Standard schedule


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