Our Values

Webb Financial is built on the foundation of 8 core values. These values are reflected in all of our actions and decisions, and are the pillars by which we measure our success. 


Do the Right Thing 100% of the Time

It’s easy to do the right thing 99% of the time, but it’s the 1% moments that people really remember.


Cut Through & Get It Done

Challenges and hurdles naturally arise, which we possess the capability to overcome. Using them as an excuse for inaction is futile.


Stay Fresh & Inviting

Our key mantra since day one. Never underestimate the value in taking a fresh approach and making people feel welcome. 


Ignore Convention, Make Our Own Decisions

Never do (or don’t do) something because of convention. Ignore the crowd, make decisions based on our own judgement. 


Wear & Share Our Outcomes

We will experience positive and negative outcomes, all of which should be shared openly, honestly and without fear.


Don’t Pretend, Be Ourselves

People enjoy interacting with the real us, not a fake version of us. It’s serves no purpose to be anything other than our true self.


Use Technology to be More Human

Applying smart technology allows us to be more efficient, freeing us up to interact more as humans.


Speak to be Understood

Making things sound more complicated is easy. Explaining something complex in a simple way is far harder, though far more valued.