business / equity owners

You own a business or an interest in a business, which pays you a high wage, and also provides profit distributions. You really want to put this additional income to good long term use, and not lose a significant portion to tax. 

business / equity owners

I don’t need a financial planner, I’m a business owner, right? Definitely not.  

Your financial affairs certainly have more moving parts, and inherently more risk than an ordinary employee. With this extra complexity comes a greater need to make sure you are on top of everything. 

We know first-hand how hard business owners work and how much responsibility and stress they take on. It is imperative therefore to make sure we help you to allocate business profits in a smart way to build wealth. Over time, this can build passive income to complement, and one day replace, your ‘hard work’ income.  

 Business owners often act as the managing director, key sales person, operations manager, HR manager, marketing manager, and quality controller all at once. It is imperative therefore that you protect the greatest single asset in your business – yourself. 

 Whilst having a lot more to manage, business owners usually have a lot more flexibility in structuring their affairs to minimise tax and maximise long term wealth creation.  

Some financial planners find this additional complexity too hard and beyond their expertise. There is a definite need to combine accounting and financial planning, and often lending, into one seamless service.  

A challenge for many financial planners, normal for us.  


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