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Lift-a-thon for Aspect South Coast School Lifting 100 Tonnes in One Day

6 December 2020 - Webb Financial

Anyone who knows Andrew, is well aware that he doesn’t shy away from a physical challenge, particularly when it also offers the chance to raise awareness or funds for an important cause.

After attempting a stair climb challenge in Wollongong (which he did very well at), Andrew was lamenting to Jade over what he considered to be a poor result. Jade was quick to remind him that stair climbs, running, cycling, all those ‘fundraiser’ activities are very well suited to…ahhhh…lean people…a slight build, rather than Andrew’s burly, robust frame. Not thinking straight, obviously, she suggested that his build lends itself more to, say, a lift-a-thon!

The next morning over breakfast…

Andrew: ‘So, I’ve been thinking about this Lift-a-thon…’.

After much planning, we announced that Andrew had set himself a challenge to lift 100 tonnes in one day, using a combination of lifts in varying weight combinations, and that 100% of donations to the cause would go directly to Aspect South Coast School.

With a huge amount of support from our friends at Crossfit Wollongong, Andrew did 100 rounds of 4 x deadlifts, 4 x squats and 4 x bench press, with each round lifted, exactly 1 tonne.

We raised nearly $13,000 for our little school, and I hope a little more awareness for our friends navigating life with Autism.